What is the difference between a sport and a Scale?

What is the difference between a sport and a Scale?

Postby RandyatBBY » Mon Oct 14, 2013 1:16 pm

Just about any sport can be built as a scale. What makes it scale, and what makes it sport depends on the builder and what he wants.
To build a sport hydro is in some ways a lot more fun and other ways not. It is a NAMBA or IMPBA class racing and that is the origin from what I know. What is fun? the fun is in building a race boat with out a lot of scale restrictions. The canopy can be blacked out and make it look a little meaner. It sort of looks like a real boat like a Scale Unlimited Hydroplane. It must have a sponsor logo or lettering and be in size for the class restrictions.

What is great about the Scale boats is that it can be built and ran in both classes. It can be a big beatitful screaming fast boat. It must have a driver, wings and everything the real boat had. You must have a picture of the real boat to base it off of. Size can be plus or minus a certain small percentage.

More latter......
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